Health News: Gum disease linked to Alzheimer’s

Health News: Gum disease linked to Alzheimer’s

A new study suggests that the cause of Alzheimer’s disease could be linked to the bacteria responsible for gum disease.

For some time, a number of studies have supported the premise that Alzheimer’s is a type of infection (rather than just a disease), and now, researchers are claiming that the bacteria that could cause the condition may just be the same one that is behind gum disease.

The research

The study was led by a microbiologist at the University of Louisville, and reported that the pathogen responsible for chronic gum disease was found in the brains of deceased Alzheimer’s patients. As part of the research, experiments were performed with mice, the results of which showed that oral infections caused by the pathogen led to the spread of the same bacteria to the brain, as well as an increased production of the sticky proteins often associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Although further research is required, this particular study is the first of its kind that actually directly connects the gum disease-causing pathogen with Alzheimer’s.

The takeaway

While it’s unclear whether gum disease causes Alzheimer’s, or whether people with the condition tend to practice poor oral care (which in turn leads to gum disease), it’s important to note that oral health does affect one’s overall health. Cardiovascular functioning, for example, can be affected by oral diseases like gingivitis and gum disease.

For this reason, we recommend that you stick to good dental habits for the sake of your long-term wellness.
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